Goldwell Colourance

the ultra-shine, demi-permanent hair color


Goldwell Colorance

Colorance, the ultra-shine demi-permanent hair color, offers intensive long-lasting color with extraordinary shine on all hair types. Due to its unique technology, Colorance provides the service options to answer all client demands with brilliant color results that last. The Colorance acid pH (value 6.8) is compatible with the structure of hair and skin. The catalyst system in Colorance hair color accelerates the development of the color molecules within the hair for superb intensity and brilliance. The new Max Reds series provides high fashion intensity due to its innovative RAYMAX dyestuff combination. The patented Coenzyme technology protects the hair structure during coloring by neutralizing free radicals, providing the unique Colorance performance and quality.

Features & Benefits:

• Superior technology for long-lasting, intensive colors
• Brilliant shine, even on difficult hair structures
• Over 60 intermixable Acid shades
• Expressive Max Reds shades for ultra intensive reds
• NN shades for natural grey coverage of up to 75%
• Mix shades for creative work and color correction
• Attractive service offers for maximum client satisfaction
• Unique Depot Can system for accurate clean measuring and application

Whether its grey coverage or fashion effects, more and more clients who have an intensive toning treatment have ever higher demands, yet still shy away from permanent color. Colorance shades deliver the perfect solution and meet all clients’ demands with guaranteed quality:

• Color Balancing – for long-lasting, brilliant color results
• Blonde Toning – durability and shine, even on porous hair
• Color Correction – reliable with a healthy gloss
• Intensive Demi-Coloring Service – for ultra-intensive, long-lasting fashion results